Bus Stop Betty Music Video


  1. Stuart says:

    Oh my gosh,

    Your video, your voice, your beauty.
    It was so AWESOME. WOW WOW

    Great job Danielle. I had know idea that……..
    Let me know if you need a dancer

    Stuart ‘get down’ Funke (Based on approval from Anna, of course)


  1. [...] Their new “Bus Stop Betty” music video exhibits the group’s sound and performance style, featuring lead singer (and Uma Thurman look alike), Danielle Ross, in a throwback 50s setting. The video also features local actors and dancers, and is the product of many accomplished artists in the Portland community, including: Directing/Producing team Carl & Sharon Jameson (“The Bicyclist” series), choreographer Tere Mathern (Conduit Dance), and Mike Barber (creator of the critically-acclaimed dance movement, “Ten Tiny Dances”). You can see the video here: http://herghost.net/videos/bus-stop-betty-music-video/ [...]

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