Her Ghost is alternative 4-piece indie rock act from Portland that fans describe as a mix between Kate Bush & the Beatles.

The band began as the collaboration between singer/songwriter Danielle Ross and multi-instrumentalist producer Todd Bayles.

Danielle came up with the melodies and lyrics. Todd played the instruments and created the arrangements, as guided by Danielle’s vision of the story and character of the song. This is how Danielle and Todd created Her Ghost’s first full-length album, slated for release on August 17, 2012.

On the album the duo sounds like a full band, with Danielle singing lead & harmony vocals, and Todd playing well over ten instruments.

After completing the album recordings, Her Ghost added Drew Nelson (bass) and Tony Lintz (drums) to fully realize the music live.

Having met at a popular Portland open mic, the Todd and Danielle originally bonded over their mutual love for producer/composer Jon Brion.

Their name, “Her Ghost,” is both a tribute to the songwriter who brought them together (Jon Brion released a track by the same name) and a good descriptor for their sound. Past meets present, sweet meets creepy, and strength emerges from pain. “Her Ghost” strives to use their unique musical quality to combine powerful storytelling with textured, captivating music.