New Stuff

So much has happened since I last wrote:

We had an amazing CD Release at Secret Society AND have performed several live shows in promotion of the new album. It has been pretty thrilling to see our song baby (the album) be released to the world. Fly, little baby, fly! (I guess I decided the album was a baby bird).

If finishing the album, doing our cd release, and live performance weren’t enough. The past several weeks have been a time of immense creativity. A lot of writing. A lot of new stuff. New sounds, new subject matter, with signature Her Ghost melodies and textures. Cannot wait for you to hear what’s coming up…

Writing with Todd and playing with such amazing musicians is truly a thrill. I feel like a kid in a candy store a lot these days.


Bus Stop Betty Music Video Out Tomorrow

Part of our Kickstarter funds went to helping produce our very first music video- which we will be releasing tomorrow.

Making the video for our first album single, “Bus Stop Betty,” was an amazing experience. We got to work with some of the best of Portland: Directing & Producing team Carl and Sharon Jameson, Choreographer Tere Mathern, incredible dancers from Conduit Dance, a team of actors, and specialists filming, doing set design, wardrobe, makeup…this was the real deal!

This video will be out for public viewing TOMORROW, and we think it is a great way to kick off the final weeks leading up to our CD Release. We are so excited for you to see this video!

-Her Ghost

I’m Alive!

I did it- I went skydiving and lived to tell about it. It was crazy. Hard to describe what it is like! I don’t know if I’d ever do it again, but I do feel proud of myself for following through.

Todd is alive too, everybody! And he said he really loved it. We went with an amazing group of friends and family (all wearing Her Ghost shirts, of course).


Can’t Sleep

I’m skydiving tomorrow and I’m finding it hard to relax. I guess I’m looking forward to finally going down to Mollala and doing the jump because doing it in my head is second rate! And it’s making me nervous.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…


Skydive & CD Release

Her Ghost’s skydive is coming up on July 8th. You may have forgotten that Danielle made a video pledge that she would skydive if Her Ghost reached our Kickstarter goal. Well, she is a woman of her word, and the skydive is only a week away! Can you feel the adrenaline from here? Danielle & Todd and several others will be jumping in the name of HER GHOST glory! If you are just tuning in, this is a special way we are celebrating the fact that we met our Kickstarter goal to fund our album (coming very, very soon!).

Speaking of the new album- You can be the first to pick up your copy and see us live for our CD Release at Secret Society in NE Portland on August 17th, 9pm-11pm. CD Listening party to follow in the bar. You can join the event here: You can buy discount advance tix here:

We look forward to landing on our feet & seeing you at the show!

-Her Ghost

We Did It!

Wonderful friends & fans:

When I returned from my silent retreat, I was delighted to discover that we not only reached our Kickstarter goal, but exceeded it!

Words cannot express my gratitude! Thank you so much; it could not have happened with out you!

Right now Todd is meticulously combing through our album recordings for final finishing touches on arrangements & mixing. It is so exciting to have the resources we need to complete this album, and we can’t wait for you to hear it!


Danielle’s Skydiving Pledge

Danielle’s Skydiving Pledge

Many of you are following our Kickstarter fundraiser for our new album. I want to add a little something extra to the mix. To give you an idea of how important this fundraiser is to me, how important it is to make this album and share it with you, I am pledging that I will face one of my fears should we reach our total goal.

If we make our goal, I will skydiving.

So now you have two options, contribute because you can buy our album in advance and contribute to its production, because you can get amazing incentives and be a part of something special, or because you want to see my ass jump out of a plane. I promise I will get pictures and videos of the jump to make it worth your while.