Danielle and ToddDanielle and Todd (co-writers and creators of Her Ghost) met at a popular Portland, OR open mic where they were each individually performing with other projects. Todd introduced himself to Danielle upon hearing her sing a song by Jon Brion, a writer/producer with a cult following- and a shared favorite of both Todd and Danielle.

Over a year after their initial meeting, Danielle and Todd began writing songs together. Danielle brought the melodies and lyrics, while Todd provided the instrumentation. Together the two collaborated on developing arrangements for the melodies that captured Danielle’s vision of the character, theme and story behind the song.

Danielle and Todd decided to name their project “Her Ghost” because the name seemed to capture their unique, sometimes dark, ethereal sound. The name was also a tribute to the way they met. (They found a song by the same name Jon Brion, the musician that initially brought them together.

The two knew they had found something special in their collaboration, and immediately started recording, writing, and recording some more. The result of their efforts will be Her Ghost’s soon-to-be released debut album.

Over the course of completing their first full-length album, Her Ghost has taken on two new members. Drew Nelson on bass and Tony Lintz on drums. The four recently collaborated with producing team Carl and Sharon Jameson and Conduit Dance Studios to make a music video of the album’s first single, Bus Stop Betty. The video features professional actors & dancers and Her Ghost in a throwback 1950s setting.